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Welcome Our Company

Saideepa is a leading provider of rock drilling tools and mining equipments, catering to crucial and trivial needs of illustrious clientele stretched across the globe. Infrastructure now consisting of 5 manufacturing plants in India with over 300 employees and plans for expanding, we combine a unique and fleixible delivery model with customer satisfaction held at the core.We use the best of efficient raw materials available across the globe with cutting edge manufacturing technology to develop world class products at the most competitive terms.

Our Mission
An I.S.O.9001:2000 organization With The power to Perform. The aim to Excel. fixed at the core as our success mantra believe we can Deliver.
An I.S.O.9001:2000 organization, Saideepa's products are proved to outperform in toughest and most challenging conditions and is respected world wide as a leader of DTH products.
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