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KLR Launches New technology Drill Pipes (Registered under Patent Claim )


KLR Launches New technology Drill Pipes (Registered under Patent Claim )

Drill pipes that are used in applications such as DTH/ DTHR/ DR basically comprise of a steel tube with a pin at one end and a box on the other.  The job of the drill pipe is to transmit rotational torque and thrust from the drill rig rotary head to down hole drilling tools. Also used to transport the drilling fluid to the down hole tools and facilitate removal of cutting through annulus.  An effective drill pipe has to be designed to support its own weight for combined lengths that could be more than 2000 feet down into the crust of the Earth. Connections must be durable to resist wear from repeated use.  Each length of pipe must be sufficiently rigid enough not to break or become permanently bent. Most importantly, drill pipes must be capable of withstanding tremendous forces generated during the drilling and pullback.

Failure of the drill pipe at any time during the drilling process can prove to be catastrophic and consequently, it is important to purchase the best drill pipe available for the intended application, meticulously maintain and periodically inspect the drill pipe and tool joints. 

Although critical for the success and efficacy of drilling operations, drill pipes are generally overlooked component in drilling. 

The type of steel used and the methods employed for manufacturing the pipes determine the quality and durability of drill pipes. Conventional drill pipes wear out quickly and need to be replaced regularly, apart from the fact they are high maintenance.  Keeping in mind these disadvantages, KLR Universal Ltd, under the able stewardship of Founder Chairman Mr. K. Laxma Reddy, undertook to manufacture next generation drill pipes that are sturdier, have longer service life and require zero maintenance.

A major manufacturer of drill pipes, KLR has used its extensive experience in this field to perfect a technology that increases both the durability and operational efficiency of drill pipes.  At KLR, drill pipes are manufactured from special grade seamless tubes that possess a number of physical and mechanical properties that make it superior to conventional MS pipes.  Additionally, the tubes and adaptors are joined by friction welding which provides it with a leak proof seamless joint.  The drill pipe is also hardened by a special induction hardening cycle that further reinforces its strength.  KLR’s manufacturing technology has been registered for patent claim through application number 2302/CHE/2009.

This new manufacturing technology has ensured that KLR friction welded drill pipes not only require zero maintenance, but also have a service life that is more than five times that of conventional drill pipes available in the market, making it both efficient and cost effective for any kind of drilling application.

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KLR  drill pipes have the following advantages

  • Can sustain pressures up to 3000 psi and high compression loads.
  • Closer tolerance of base guides can be achieved
  • Better dust suppression can be done
  • Reduced drilling vibrations
  • Leak proof seamless friction welded joints
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • High resistance to abrasion, fatigue, bending and mechanical shocks.
  • Assured concentricity and straightness during drilling
  • Precision machining and threading of pipe joints
  • With 20% cost increase of drill pipe there is 400% increase in drill life.

Drill pipes are manufactured in all standard sizes of 2" to 8".   We can also manufacture drill pipes as per customer requirements and specifications

We also supply durable, wear resistant hard banded starter pipes.

Any queries related to product or business development can be addressed to V.Sridhar at ceo@klruniversal.com.

For enquiries please contact

COO – KLR Industries
Ph No. 040 – 27126833
Mobile No.  +91 9346887000
Email: narender@klruniversal.com

Manager -  Export Sales
Ph No. 040 – 27126832
Mobile No.  +91 9391052724

Email: sandeep@klruniversal.com
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