JCR Drillsol Pvt. Ltd.JCR Drillsol Pvt. Ltd.JCR Drillsol Pvt. Ltd.
  First in India
  First Company to Launch RC Rig in India
  Expansion Globally
  Now marketing office in Australia & Ghana
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Welcome to JCR

We wish to bring to your focus, news about, how JCR has brought about new changes in the product line and over all working pattern of the company. Integrity has become the talking point in most global organizations. JCR is one of those organizations that lead the way, for rest to follow. The first step taken in this direction is to maintain high quality standards, in time delivery schedules, best pricing and so on.

All the more reason for our customer to feel his best and that his interests are being taken care, is our training program. JCR has appointed a team of professionals, to train the Driller / Operator in operating the Rigs and Hammers. This training program gives emphasis not only on the operation and maintenance skills but also imbibes a culture of working atmosphere at the work site.

JCR would like to venture with international markets and introduce our products around the world. With this as our main goal, we would like to invite those who have already established their offices on this line of business and we will be happy to supply our products to their outlets. We are also prepared to provide guidance and assistance to those who wish to enter this line of business activity. We would motivate and encourage the aspiring distributors and stockist in this field.

Our Quality
An ISO 9001:2000 Company
Chairman Chairman's Message

JCR Drillsol Pvt. Ltd., is a leading Manufacturing and Trading Industry
Offering a wide array of solution
customized for range of Drilling activities from water well drilling right through
mining and construction,
JCR straddles the entire DTH, Mining & Construction Industry. It has excellent performance competence in
DTh Hammers, Button, Bits, Rigs and Rig spares.

JCR Network spans 6 states, across the country and 5 countries across 3 countries.
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